New Technology For CTRM Solutions

Commodity Technology Advisory: AGIBLOCKS is based on new technology and cloud-based. Can you describe that technology and what the advantages of that technology model are? Jan van den Brom: AGIBLOCKS is based on the .net 4.5 platform with C# as the main development language and it is browser based. The combination of these newer technologies has multiple advantages, among them are: Client installation is not necessary anymore. Preventing maintenance work, one update for all and especially convenient in a situations with scattered offices around the globe. The ‘lightweight’ data traffic allows one server for all worldwide geographical areas. Usability on mobile and tablet devices Lower implementation cost and quicker in production An open integration framework (web services), allowing more convenient integration initiatives Lifespan of use is largely increased Commodity Technology Advisory: Is AGIBLOCKS capable of being deployed multi-tenanted and has Agiboo customers using it in a multi-tenanted environment? If so, what sorts of benefits do these customer accrue? Jan van den Brom: AGIBLOCKS is currently on purpose not multi-tenanted. The reason is the reluctance of users to share physical hardware. Commodity Technology Advisory: How does AGIBLOCKS support mobile users and how important is this to your customers? Jan van den Brom: The user interface of

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