Energiedienst Reports Transparency Messages Using Powel DeltaXE

Powel AG Switzerland, a leader in developing trading and logistics solutions for energy companies, announces the availability of a new transparency module for its leading trading and logistics DeltaXE software product. The module is available as a fully integrated or standalone product to assist companies in complying with transparency regulations. The solution provides a high degree of automation identifying and reporting appropriate information to the EEX transparency platform. “The advent of an increasingly aggressive regulatory environment in the energy industry includes a number of rules regarding transparency generally. Both REMIT and transparency regulations prohibit insider trading, market manipulation and require disclosure of insider information and the reporting of fundamental data,” said Josef Janssen, General Manager at Powel AG. ”The new transparency module is a tool to report insider information and market data according to the regulations to the EEX transparency platform.” Energiedienst has started reporting to the EEX transparency platform on the 7th October using the DeltaXE module. In the area of power generation, Energiedienst will publish data on installed capacity, planned and actual production and the non-availability of power generation units with a total volume of 364,5 MW using the DeltaXE transparency module. “Thanks to the Transparency module as

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