The Oil Big Five: Looking to a new year and new opportunities

This is the final iteration of The Oil Big Five for 2015, and it comes at the end of the month because December had so much oil news it was hard to find a break during the month to look ahead. But as per usual, we’re here to highlight a few key trends or news items that we feel are worth watching, for both the short amount of time left in 2015 as well as into the new year. These are topics nominated by our knowledgeable editors and analysts around the world. Tell us what you think in the comments below – any topics we missed, or any outcomes you foresee from the topics below. Alternatively, share your thoughts on Twitter using the hashtag #oilbig5. This is also the final planned blog post for 2015. We’ve expanded the writers and topics covered on The Barrel, and we’re extremely grateful to our readers for considering our posts, sharing and commenting. We wish everyone a very peaceful end to 2015 and a profitable 2016, and here are some items to mull over as the year wraps up: 1. US crude exports The good thing about waiting to compile The Oil Big Five … continue reading

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