WTI Crude Oil Forecast: Testing Major Support at $37.9

By Dean Rogers On Friday evening I sat down to write Kase’s detailed weekly forecasts on WTI crude oil and Brent with an image of Chicken Little running around warning all of his pals that the sky is falling. This is a feeling that resonated with many market participants around the world as stock indices and commodities have plunged lower. The reality is WTI and Brent will find a bottom soon, and there are logical/technical points at which these bottoms could form. From a technical standpoint, WTI crude oil is already well oversold and due for a correction. There are daily and weekly divergence setups on many momentum indicators, including our own KaseCD and KasePO, but this has been the case for weeks. Therefore, until a significant retracement takes place, reversal patterns form, and the daily and weekly momentum divergences are confirmed, the outlook will remain negative. WTI met major support at $37.9 when it fell to $37.75 early Monday and settled at $38.24. Given today’s price action though, it looks as though the decline is going to continue to extend. WTI pulled back to $39.5 where an intraday double top formed, and the pattern was confirmed when prices fell … continue reading

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