With FIS’s acquisition of SunGard, what happens to SunGard Energy?

Last week’s announcement that Fidelity National Information Services (FIS) has agreed to purchase SunGard does raise some questions as to the implications for the SunGard Energy business (as indicated by the number of emails in my in-box about it and number of phone calls on the topic that I’ve received). If you clicked on this post thinking I was going to somehow answer the question poised in the title…well, I hate to disappoint, but I would be surprised if anyone, including those at the highest levels of FIS and/or SunGard can answer that question right now. Of course there are number of potential outcomes related to the acquisition; but at this point, with it being so early in process, its really not worth speculating on which it might ultimately be. Given the scale of the new combined business ($9.2 billion in revenue and 55,000 employees), it seems unlikely to me that anything will change in the near term for the Energy group, as I’m certain FIS’s board will have much bigger fish to fry for the next year or so. While SunGard’s owners came out ahead by finally capitalizing on their long held investment, the downside for the business is … continue reading

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