Why The Big Secrecy?

The longer we spend in this industry, the more CTRM software products we see, the more requirements that we listen to, the more we’ve come to understand that actually, much of what people do in the commodity trading industries is pretty much more or less the same. Yet, how many times have we heard that “the way we do things is proprietary and is a competitive advantage?” Well, as this industry matures, that’s a message that is getting harder and harder to believe every day. It’s an argument that is often used against deployment in the cloud – “our data, positions and portfolio of business is a big secret”. Really? So what will you all do (or even what are you currently doing) about that when regulatory reporting forces you to send that same data off site into the arms of the regulator at a data repository? Some businesses already have a disaster recovery process that sends all of this data off site, sometimes to a third-party anyway. The truth is that really there is little of value to anyone else in having your data. By the time they figured it out what the bits and bytes mean, and decided … continue reading

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