Where to trade in commodities complex?

By Siddesh Suresh Mayenkar, Staff Reporter Dubai: In the backdrop of expectations of rising rates in the United States, precious metals have been on the backfoot, and so also is crude oil, which has been facing a supply overhang amid weak demand. However, experts feel that there still exist trading opportunities for traders and investors. “We need to note that the word commodities’ goes beyond gold, silver and oil. There are industrial metals like copper, aluminium, zinc, lead, time and nickel and the entire gamut of agricultural commodities viz., soybean, corn, sugar, wheat, coffee, cocoa, etc that has much better potential,” Pradeep Unni, senior relationship manager, Richcomm Global Services told Gulf News. Even though there could be limited investment opportunities, but there could be good trading opportunities given the expectations of massive volatility. “With the recovery in the United States, we are expecting a recovery in copper, nickel and other industrial metals. Also moderate growth in China, India would also help positive sentiment. We have come to a level where we are near the mining costs in many of the industrial metals like copper and nickel. Industrial metals should go higher from here,” said Unni. Three month London copper on … continue reading

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