The CIO: from gatekeeper to enabler

As a result of new and advanced technology, significant transformation has been made to the way enterprises operate. Business units, particularly software and web development teams, but also marketing, HR and finance, want to take advantage of the new generation of cloud services, meaning that an interest in cloud technology is no longer solely the domain of the IT team. The consequence of this is that every business unit leader has their own IT solution in mind, rather than waiting for the CIO to deliver against a set of requirements. This is leading to the CIO and IT department losing the control it is expected to have, and then having to deal with the pitfalls that come from having systems and data outside of the company’s infrastructure. Finding a solution that meets the needs of all stakeholders is one of the greatest challenges facing enterprises today and one that will demand that the role of the CIO and IT department changes forever. The convergence of cloud computing and business-critical applications is having a profound effect and is perhaps the most transformative technology trend affecting today’s workplace. Employees want instant access to their tools from any location, at any time, and … continue reading

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