Repower to implement Powel DeltaXE for Italian gas market

Successful implementation of DeltaXE for international gas activities at Repower helps increase efficiency and lower total cost of ownership. Powel AG Switzerland, a leader in developing power and gas cross-border trading and logistics solutions, announced today that Repower will implement Powel DeltaXE software to support the business desk in Milan, handling the Italian gas processes. The standard solution will support the national and regional network nominations together with the REMI points, transportation and capacity booking processes, PSV hub nomination, storage handling, allocation and balance data handling, and GME offer and bidding. Snam, the Italian gas market operator, has started changing its procedures, file formats and communication protocols, which are expected to be implemented during 2015. Powel will implement the Italian gas market in the DeltaXE platform, according to the new rules defined by Snam. “After an efficient three months implementation project of DeltaXE for our international gas business activities in 2014, we gained positive experiences working with the Powel team. We have now decided to start the process of implementing DeltaXE also for the complex Italian gas market, and we see the Powel DeltaXE solution as providing the flexibility we need,” said Roberto Bracco, Head of Trading at Repower Italy. … continue reading

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