PEGAS to enhance geographical offer with NBP, ZEE and PSV contracts

Leipzig, 3 February 2015

PEGAS, the pan-European gas trading platform operated by Powernext, will launch Spot and Futures products for the UK’s National Balancing Point (NBP) as well as for the Belgian Zeebrugge Beach (ZEE) market area on 26 March.

Financially settled Futures contracts (ICIS Heren) for the Italian Punto di Scambio Virtuale (PSV) will be launched at the same time. Jean-François Conil-Lacoste, Chief Executive Officer of Powernext, mentions: “The aim of PEGAS is to offer natural gas products for all major European hubs. This is what we will further pursue with our new offering.”

Dr. Egbert Laege, Executive Director Gas Markets of EEX Group, adds: “Our members will benefit from access to all hubs via the PEGAS platform. The upcoming products and the corresponding location spreads open up completely new trading opportunities.”

The launch of products for the ZEE market area follows the successful start of Belgium’s ZTP delivery zone in 2014. On the Spot market, the offering for NBP and ZEE will include Within-Day and Day (Day-Ahead, Weekend, Saturday, Sunday and Individual Day) contracts.

On the Derivatives Market, Month, Quarter, Season and Calendar Year products will be tradable. Moreover, PEGAS market participants will have the possibility to trade cleared location spread contracts between ZEE and NBP for the first time.

Location spreads between the existing physical products on the Dutch TTF market area and the upcoming financially settled Futures contracts on the PSV will also be offered.

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