M2M rebrands as TRADESPARENT Risk Management Solutions

Rotterdam, February 4th, 2015 – Commodity Services & Solutions (CSS) is re-branding its industry-leading Commodity Risk Management software as “TRADESPARENT Risk Management Solutions”. The new brand highlights the transparency it brings to risk management in commodity trading and commodity processing. The iconic new logo supports our belief in demystified risk management. Announcing the brand launch, Managing Partner Martin Dru said “TRADESPARENT Risk Management software is now running in 15 countries across the globe, supporting the commercial and risk processes in various commodity related blue-chip companies. Given its maturity and high customer satisfaction levels, it is time to give our product a bolder identity and speak more directly to our future customers. We want executives out there to associate our product with 3 things: best-in-class risk management capability, fast implementation and rapid payback. Our brand should resonate those beliefs.” Comprehensive Risk Management Solution TRADESPARENT provides full and immediate visibility of market risks, related exposures and hedges as well as gross margin developments. It builds upon a company’s existing systems, thus leveraging previous IT investments while assuring consistency. TRADESPARENT combines a company’s exposure and related data with actual market prices and our proprietary business logic to create indispensable and up to date … continue reading

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