KELAG becomes first Smart Energy customer in Austria

Powel Smart Energy Suite to help KELAG benefit fully from European power markets. Powel AS is pleased to announce that we have signed an agreement with leading Austrian energy service provider KELAG, to implement the Powel Smart Energy software suite. From hydropower forecasting and optimisation to trading, logistics and settlement, Powel has a long history of developing software solutions for the energy business. The Powel Smart Energy Suite is a complete solution that helps ensure that energy companies get the most out of their resources. It is widely used by hydro-, thermal- and gas power producers in the Nordics and Central Europe. The suite will support KELAG’s key work processes along their entire value chain, from short- and long-term hydropower generation planning to intraday trading. The company decided on Powel’s software suite software after extensive market evaluation. “The main reasons for the decision were Powel’s remarkable experience in hydropower optimisation, and the high usability and adaptability of Powel’s software suite to help support our specific work processes,” said Walter Telsnig, Power Portfolio Manager at KELAG. For KELAG, the software will be used to make informed decision for the short-term horizon, reaching from pre-spot and after-spot planning to reserve market bidding … continue reading

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