Commoditas Partners – Out to Revolutionize CTRM recruitment?

I recently spoke with the founders of a newly launched recruitment firm in the form of Commoditas Partners – Carl Vellenoweth, Manager Director and Chris Scott, Director. Commoditas Partners was recently created to ‘revolutionize’ the CTRM recruitment market and they are based in 2 locations in London, the city and London Bridge and plan to open an International office in Q2 2015. Here is the interview …

GMV – What is the objective of Commoditas Partners? Why did you form the company? What was the vision?

Our aim is to bridge the gaps between commodity technology recruitment and management consulting services.

These days, because of the rapidly changing nature of commodities trading, no one supplier of resources or applications can provide a complete solution. Consequently, many companies find it difficult to deal with multiple suppliers. Commoditas Partners will become an integral business partner when advising, consulting and deploying an organizations bench strength required to devise and execute strategy for current and future hiring needs.

We believe that using our recruitment expertise and taking the same process of placing individuals, we can do the same placing niche advisories, consultancies, vendors and system integrators, offering our clients a one stop solution to better choice for a better cost.

GMV – How do you see the jobs market in and around E/CTRM developing in Europe and what role do you expect to play in its development?

We expect commodity-trading strategies to keep evolving in response to recent market shifts spurred by the global financial crisis, as a result, organizations will also continue to explore ways to develop and enhance their trading and risk management systems. Commoditas Partners flexible, experienced CTRM recruitment expertise should be a top priority to these businesses, as restructuring or diversification of an organization is likely to lead to attraction of the industry’s top talent.

Our expertise lends itself well to entire recruitment process, from strategy through to delivery offering organizations a broader service with access to over 5,000 CTRM candidates globally available for permanent and contract job roles.

GMV – One of your foci is on project business and smaller consulting companies and integrators – why?

It’s evident that more organizations implementing, integrating and supporting their CTRM systems are outsourcing responsibilities but are challenged with budget constraints.

We’ve established a service called project brokering, matching specialist consulting services to client’s requirements, bypassing the use of large generalist providers with all the inherent pitfalls at low risk.

GMV – If I was looking for a well paid job in and around E/CTRM software, what would you advise me to focus on in terms of skills and personal development?

For those who are starting out in the CTRM software world, we would recommend you learn your trade with a vendor where you will gain product training and gain exposure to high level projects and then take that experience to either move into contracting within your niche or utilize your experience in a consulting or with end-user organization.

For the more experienced CTRM professionals, its important you keep up-to-date with current market trends and invest your own time understanding other systems, parallel markets and of course regulatory change.

Contractors who are willing to give up their own time on a “try before you buy” basis, to gain experience in new markets and technology is proving popular. This usually works by joining a project for a week or two to learn a product, hopefully demonstrating the right skills to warrant a full time contract. We would advise contractors who are struggling landing a new project or looking to move into other CTRM systems or markets to give a Commoditias Partners consultant to discuss further.

GMV – How will Commoditas help me in looking for a job or finding good talent?

With over 10-years CTRM recruitment experience, we recognize the challenges commodity trading business face when implementing or upgrading their C/ETRM systems and have designed specific services for clients to hire the best talent available and candidates access the best available jobs. We also have access to over 5000 technical and functional candidates for permanent and contract assignments across EMEA, APAC and Americas in our global CTRM database.

With the advent of social media, we have more information than ever before on candidates. We have built impressive coverage over 6 social networks (Linkedin, Xing, Viadeo, OilPro, Twitter, Google+ and Facebook) that we use to identify new talent and to advertise jobs in real-time. On linkedin alone with have we have “one click” access to over 6,000 followers. We have also invested in an advanced Applicant Tracking Software package, which is a highly intuitive and flexible system that brings ease and efficiency to the tracking of specific talent profiles and can help manage the entire workflow for new hires, transforming the hiring process into a streamlined operation – performing in line with your corporate goals.

We also have our own job site and planning and hiring portal specifically for the CTRM market. No external agencies, Commoditias Partners manage the whole recruitment workflow process, from first point of contract through to completion.

You can find out more about Commoditas Partners at their website.

About Commoditas Partners

As commodity-trading strategies evolve in response to recent market shifts spurred by the global financial crisis, organisations continue to explore ways to develop and enhance their trading, risk management, compliance, treasury and supply chain systems. A flexible, experienced IT recruitment partnership should be a top priority to these businesses, as restructuring or diversification of an organisation is likely to lead to attraction of the industry’s top talent.

Commoditas Partners is an ISO compliant commodities IT recruitment business partnership, helping organisations to bridge the gap between IT headhunting and consulting services, thus increasing organisations bench strength required to devise and execute strategy for current and future hiring and project deployment needs.

Our passion, knowledge and connections compliment the most innovative recruitment and available consulting methods in the market, ensuring a professional and result-oriented service; supplying highly skilled individuals and teams possessing the expertise sought after by the world’s leading trading organisations.

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