Jet fuel demand remains low in Puerto Rico, still reeling from 2017 hurricanes

The historic hurricane season of 2017 left the island of Puerto Rico in shambles, its people in need of humanitarian aid and its infrastructure in need of rebuilding. Now, a little more than half a year since two massive storms ravaged the island, population changes and altered tourist patterns suggest that Puerto Rico’s jet fuel demand may never return to pre-storm levels. First came Hurricane Irma on September 7, 2017. The eye of that Category 5 storm passed just to the north of the island, leaving many Puerto Ricans without power. But the major blow was yet to come. Hurricane Maria was not quite as powerful as Irma in terms of official storm rating, but it did incredible damage with a direct hit to the island on September 20. Puerto Rico and its people still have not recovered from the devastation caused by the storms, and many Puerto Ricans have chosen to leave their homes rather than face future storms. The Center for Puerto Rican Studies at the City University of New York predicted that Puerto Rico may lose up to 14% of its population, more than 470,000 residents, through 2019. The population loss, coupled with decreased tourism numbers after… continue reading

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