Ecuadorian family cocoa business became a touristic attraction

The Ecuadorian family cocoa business   In 90 hectares land in Ecuador, a small family started their own cocoa business with a cocoa plantation and chocolate production. When they realized that in their land lied the ruins of a historical villa, known as the Castillo (castle in Spanish), they didn’t lose the chance to offer besides their agricultural activities, touristic oriented services.   “Hacienda el Castillo” (The Castle Ranch), is the name of this family business located in the Cerecita Valley, west of Guayaquil on the Ecuadorian coast. They look after the whole process of cocoa plantation and chocolate production. They also still use homemade recipes and manual procedures in chocolate making. Today, their visitors can enjoy daily guided tours, and a route in which they will be able to get to know with the entire process of the cocoa crop, from its seed until the final product “Chocolate”.       The history of the land   Back to 1930, Ludwig Weber, a German Count arrived to Ecuador and married Maria Angelica Calero, daughter of Evangelista Calero Gaybor. Evangelista born in the little town Yasacoto in the Province of Bollvar. His popular shoe making industry helped him raise a… continue reading

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