Will PET bottles change tastes of Japan’s aluminum can collectors?

The beverage sector has long favored aluminum cans for being lighter, stronger and more easily recyclable than the alternatives, despite being up to three times more expensive than steel and twice more than PET. But the economics of the sector are changing, and soda producers such as Coca Cola are increasingly packaging their beverages in PET bottles. The low carbon aluminum sales pitch is less noticed, due to developments of recyclable PET bottles and improved PET recycling chain. Moreover, capital investment for PET bottles are modest than aluminum cans. Related blog post — Japan aluminum’s tipple of choice: US bourbon in a can Most beverage manufacturers are able to make PET bottles in-house, whereas aluminum cans are outsourced. PET allows more flexible bottle shapes and this is helpful as most beverages have short life cycles. As a result, in Japan, aluminum cans of Coca Cola are becoming highly collectible. Collectors appreciate them as affordable American art, or re-use them for crafts. Will beer cans be next? Japanese beer drinkers say they are loyal to aluminum because the beer from such cans tastes better than beer from steel, paper or PET containers. But when aluminum cans were introduced in the 1960s,… continue reading

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