Russia plugging into electric vehicle market: Fuel for Thought

The world has seen a surge in electric vehicle use in recent years, but that plug-in push has not sparked as brightly in Russia. The general perception has been EVs would not work in a country with such a harsh climate, underdeveloped infrastructure and cheap motor fuel. One Russian cartoon published just a few years ago featured a car with a disproportionately large rooftop plug driving through endless forests in a desperate attempt to find a socket. Russian interest, though, has been growing. While the country is unlikely to see a major EV boom any time soon, there’s much more potential today for that cartoon to become more real life than ridiculous. Russia saw a 28% year-on-year increase in EV purchases last year, which is in line with global trends, but its market remains miniscule. Only 82 EVs were sold in 2017, pushing the country’s total to 1,771 registered at the end of the year, according to Autostat, an analytical agency specializing in automobile markets. In China, the fastest developing EV market in the world, 2017 sales totaled 603,300 plug-in passenger cars, up 72% year on year, data in the EV-Volumes world sales database showed. Global sales of e-cars were… continue reading

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