Rabat banks on renewables for European power exports

Morocco is taking a lead in the promotion of renewable energy in North Africa, aiming to develop wind and solar to meet both domestic electricity demand and export power to Europe. Interconnectors to Spain and Portugal are under consideration. Morocco has a considerable geographic advantage when it come to exporting power to Europe; the Strait of Gibraltar, which separates it from Spain, is only 14 km wide at its narrowest point, and already hosts a 700 MW interconnector, the only existing North Africa-Europe power link. Morocco’s lack of commercial oil and gas production mean that fossil fuel imports have long placed a huge strain on the country’s foreign currency reserves. Renewables offer an easy way to relieve that burden. Yet the government’s targets are a little odd and recent gas discoveries could pose a threat to the country’s renewable ambitions. Rabat has set a goal of renewables, including large hydro, accounting for 42% of total power production by 2020. According to the Ministry of Energy, wind, solar power and hydro provided 30% of power production in 2016, so while ambitious, the 42% goal is achievable given the number of projects under development. But if the 2020 target is achieved, it… continue reading

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